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The million dollar question. Professional carpet cleaning technicians use heavy powered state of the art cleaning machines and the most effective carpet cleaning and stain removing solutions available. Home renting steam cleaning machines are not effective or strong enough and of course carpet cleaning technicians are experienced in removing tough stains.

Many of the portable machines in the market today work great, if not better, than the truck mount units. The big difference is the setup. The portables take longer but the results are usually are the same.

There are tough stains that probably cannot be removed. Your carpet cleaning professional will let you know once he looks at it. Many stains, although difficult to remove, can be lightened. Pet stains as well as food stains and heavy traffic area stains are removable when cleaned on time.

Usually, if the windows are open in the room or it is a warm day, anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the type of fabric. Otherwise around 3-6 hours. A dry cleaning system doesn’t get the carpets wet at all.

Find out if the company is licensed, insured and bonded. Ask the representative how many years their company has been in the business. Check testimonials and references.